Happy New Year!  To you and yours: Be well and thanks for stopping by.

I’ll be spending the last day of my holiday cleaning the house and generally avoiding the freezing temperatures outside.  As I write this, the sun is shining and it’s all of 24 degrees outside.  I don’t know how I’ll get my steps in today, but it’s easy to imagine that it will be cold and miserable as I do so. At least it’s 2018!  Happy New Year’s y’all!

To be perfectly honest I don’t recall if it should be “Happy New Year” or “Happy New Year’s”, as in “Happy New Year’s Day”.  It’s definitely not plural as in “Happy New Years” or a contraction for “Happy New Years Day”.  Strunk and White, in The Elements of Style, suggest that consistency is more important than strict adherence to the rules of rhetoric.

That was kind of a weird paragraph, wasn’t it?  As though it were the paragraph of an eighth grade english student trying, desperately, to pad out the length of a homework assignment they don’t want to be doing.  Funny you should mention that…

My New Year’s Resolution is to publish five hundred words a day on this blog.  I’ve had it for quite a while and am finally doing something with it.  Back in the heady days of MySpace I use to publish quite often.  Perhaps not a mandated length each day, but I did write.

For some reason, over the past few years, I feel like I’ve lost a step.  I read less. I write less.  I complete fewer personal projects.  Even my capabilities as a conversationalist have declined significantly.  It’s a terrible feeling and I want to do something about it.

A lot of things happened around the same time that may have contributed to it.  A bit may have been social media.  A bit may have been owning an iPad, having the internet in your hand instead of a book might not be a good thing.  Part of it was likely just the daily grind of commuting and career.

So this is my attempt to get back into fighting weight; to be a more thoughtful, considerate person.

I haven’t decided what it’s going to be about.  Perhaps it’ll be my thoughts on topics of the day.  Maybe a vignette that peers into an event from my day.  Reviews of film, television, and books will probably fill out more than a few column inches.  Short fiction… yes I have some of that in the can that I may subject you to.  I will endeavor to avoid whining and “diary entries”, just as a public service.

I don’t expect anyone to read every entry, waiting each day for my next publication.  But if you decide to drop by, there will be something new for you each day.  Thanks for dropping in and, again, be well.

Post Script
I hope, also, to improve the styling of these pages.  I have absolutely no idea how the internet... uh... works.  So I guess I'll be teaching myself HTML.  That's how Wordpress works right, HTML.